Buses of Greater Manchester in the 1970s by Stephen Morris

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A new publication in preparation for our forthcoming 1970s weekend.

1 The Shifting Seventies: A decade of turmoil.

2 Setting up SELNEC: SELNEC was the biggest thing to happen to the buses of Greater Manchester in the 1970s, bringing the different bus operators into a unified whole.

3 Integration: Orange paint and underground railways.

4 Setting new Standards: A new bus for a new era.

5 Not quite standard: Not every SELNEC bus was a Standard bus.

6 Expansion: North Western absorbed and LUT acquired.

7 A new County: Local Government reform gives SELNEC a new name and brings in Wigan.

8 One that got away: While the sea of orange threatened to engulf everything, one little island of independence was to survive against the odds.

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