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The 1970s was an exciting time to be a bus manufacturer. The Bus Grant was keeping the order books full, and competition from the car was stimulating interest in making buses more attractive to passengers.

BONUS feature: Road safety films from Manchester and Salford Vintage traffic, vintage road scenes

This compilation shows what two companies - British Leyland and Chloride - were doing to advance bus design. They are dated now - the optimistic approach has gone. Leyland’s bus building skills passed to Volvo, while the battery-electric bus is still not a common sight despite worries over pollution. Never mind, sit back and enjoy some of the sights of the seventies.

Leyland National (British Leyland, 1972)
This sales promotion film shows the advanced design and manufacture techniques that produced the Leyland National, takes a tour around the factory and puts the new model through its paces on the road.

Human Factors study (British Leyland, 1974)
As it re-established itself in bodywork manufacture, British Leyland took a scientific look at how design of new buses might bring more passengers back to the buses.

Silent Rider (Chloride, 1973)
Chloride, Seddon and SELNEC PTE collaborated to produce the Silent Rider, the first full-size battery electric bus to be built in the United Kingdom. This film looks at Silent Rider in the factory, in the garage and on the road.

Bonus feature - Manchester area road safety films

Good riding - colour, 1964
The motorcyclists of Manchester are urged to drive safely - road scenes filmed around the City show the right and the wrong way to practice roadcraft.

Well earned rest - black and white, 1962
A newly retired pensioner decides to be a careful pedestrian so he can enjoy his retirement. He catches the bus into town and sees some habits that are definitely to be avoided.

Look where you’re going! - black and white, 1952
Children are reminded of the importance of the Highway Code, by example and with a little help from the cricketer Alec Bedser.

All about kerb drill - colour, 1965
The children of Oswald Road Infant School and the Manchester City Police show how crossing the road should be done - even a puppet can do it.

Total compilation length: 76 minutes

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