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The Long Reach - Manchester & Salford Cross-Boundary Bus Services (Book)

Product no.: 1004

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The Long Reach - Manchester and Salford’s Cross-Boundary Bus Services 1961 - 2015, by Martin Arthur, ISBN 9780946022021, published by: Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester / Greater Manchester Transport Society (GMTS).

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Buses of Greater Manchester in the 1960s by Stephen Morris

Product no.: 1009

A new publication in preparation for the forthcoming 1960s weekend.

Contents include: 1: The Swinging Sixties, 2: Greater Manchester Bus Operators, 3: Turning back to front, 4: Losing a man and 5: An act of change.

More than 50 colour photos and eight black and white - all of which do justice to the excellent content. 

© Greater Manchester Transport Society -  ISBN 978-0-946022-03-8 (Price does not include cost of delivery)


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Museum Guide: Public road transport in Greater Manchester since 1824 (Book)

Product no.: 1013

Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester: Museum Guide - Public road transport in Greater Manchester since 1824

ISBN: 9780946022014

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Manchester Buses from the Platform (Book)

Product no.: 1014

The working life and times of a Guard and Driver at MCTD's Queens Road Garage, by Ron Barton

ISBN: 9780957676800

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New Buses of Greater Manchester in the 1970s by Stephen Morris

Product no.: 1016

A new publication in preparation for our forthcoming 1970s weekend.

1 The Shifting Seventies: A decade of turmoil.

2 Setting up SELNEC: SELNEC was the biggest thing to happen to the buses of Greater Manchester in the 1970s, bringing the different bus operators into a unified whole.

3 Integration: Orange paint and underground railways.

4 Setting new Standards: A new bus for a new era.

5 Not quite standard: Not every SELNEC bus was a Standard bus.

6 Expansion: North Western absorbed and LUT acquired.

7 A new County: Local Government reform gives SELNEC a new name and brings in Wigan.

8 One that got away: While the sea of orange threatened to engulf everything, one little island of independence was to survive against the odds.

ISBN 9780946022052 (Price does not include cost of delivery)


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New The First Mancunian: Manchester 436's Story (book)

Product no.: 1017

Manchester's buses worked hard for their living, most then went for scrap and very few went on to other use. 436 was one and became a holiday chalet many miles from the city in a small village near Craven Arms in Shropshire. Rescued for preservation, it is now in the Museum for restoration. And there's more, for 436 is the first Crossley Mancunian, has one of the first all-Crossley steel-framed bodies and is the only surviving pre-war Manchester double-decker. This is 436's story.

Softback, 32 pages

100% of the income from every sale will go into the restoration fund for 1934 built Manchester Corporation 436 at the Museum of Transport.


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New A new Book - Restoring a Bus by Kenny Barclay

Product no.: New Book 1

Kenny Barclay provides a fascinating insight into the restoration process. A history the buses, with technical specs is included with a selection of pictures of each vehicle as it was seen when on the road. There is a fully illustrated account of the restoration projects, with photographs of the restored buses. Well worth buying. Price does not include Postage.

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New GlasgowAtlanteans - 60 Years of the LA by Phil Halewood

Product no.: New Book 4

Why not time travel through this book and enjoy reading about the Leyland Atlantean, there are lots of pictures many of which are previously unpublished and don't forget to visit the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust to check on what they are doing. The book is Priced and £10 plus postage - Enjoy!

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A Book "Manchester Buses" by Paul Williams

Product no.: 1018

We are pleased to be able to have "limited" copies of the illustrated book by Paul Williams entitled "Manchester Buses". It is £10 plus postage. A good bargain at one third off the cover price.

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New A New Book - Bullocks Coaches by Carl Jarman

Product no.: 1019

A new book by Carl Jarman on the inimitable Bullocks Coaches over 80 pages packed with the pictures and history of a real pioneer of coach travel. Black and White / Colour pictures help to describe what will easily bring memories back to many readers. Price excludes postage.

Get your copy now either in the shop or here online.

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