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Manchester Buses (Book)

Product no.: 1007

Manchester Buses by Paul Williams

The first bus service in Manchester was a horse bus that started running in 1824. By 1969, 2,000 buses in the region were in the hands of eleven municpial bus operators, who combined into SELNEC, the Passenger Transport Executive (PTE) for Greater Manchester. The new executive inherited a fascinating mix of transport in all shapes and colours, while forging a new identity of its own. These were exciting times in which to watch the buses go by.

In this book, Paul Williams looks at Manchester's buses from the 1960s to deregulation in 1986, using both his own photographs and material from the collection of the Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester. This will be a trip down memory lane for all those who remember riding an orange SELNEC bus.

ISBN 9781445653143, Amberley. Paperback, 96 pages. 180 colour photographs. Cover price £14.99.

Available now!

Paul Williams will be signing copies of his book on Saturday 15 October 2016 at The Big Orange event at the Museum of Transport.

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Museum Guide: Public road transport in Greater Manchester since 1824 (Book)

Product no.: 1001

Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester: Museum Guide - Public road transport in Greater Manchester since 1824

ISBN: 9780946022014

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Manchester Buses from the Platform (Book)

Product no.: 1002

The working life and times of a Guard and Driver at MCTD's Queens Road Garage, by Ron Barton

ISBN: 9780957676800

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Stagecoach: Celebrating 100 Years of Princess Road (Book)

Product no.: 1003

100 Years of Princess Road Garage, Stagecoach Manchester

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The Long Reach - Manchester and Salford’s Cross-Boundary Bus Services (Book)

Product no.: 1004

The Long Reach - Manchester and Salford’s Cross-Boundary Bus Services 1961 - 2015, by Martin Arthur, ISBN 9780946022021, published by: Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester / Greater Manchester Transport Society (GMTS).


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Our Southdown Tigers ...and Pictures of Many More (Book)

Product no.: 1006

This book tells the story of one ECW bodied Leyland bus and there is also an account of all 25 of the vehicles in its batch. Extensive picture gallery with 78 photographs.

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